Paints, Varnishes and Surface Coatings

Fabkem has developed a complete array of solvents, coalescents and dispersants required by the paints, varnishes and surface coating industry. Our glycol ether based solvents are versatile, offer excellent brushability, fluidity and solubility to a range of lacquers, paints and resins. Availability Fabkem’s captive ethylene oxide ensures that customers get reliable supply at consistent quality. 

MSDS – Butyl carbitol (Decar Butyl), Butyl cellosolve (Decel Butyl), Castor oil ethoxylates, Decarcarbitol, Decelcellosolve, Decelphenoxy, Methyl cellosolve/Decel methyl, Polyethylene glycol range

Our Paints, Varnishes and Surface Coatings Products


It is difficult to imagine solvents more versatile then the glycol ethers.


Fabkem has a wider range of emulsifiers with varied HLB ratios customised for your needs.


Fabkem products assist in the formation of a long lasting and visually appealing pain film.

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