Our research and development efforts are crucial to the dynamic industry we operate in. Our scientists and technicians are engaged in the development of newer products that deliver a range of benefits to our customers; including cost effectiveness, profitability and sustainability.

We work in close collaboration with and share facilities for developing various molecules and intermediates based on ethyl oxide with globally renowned research centres like Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.

Research at Fabkem is guided by the Innovation Funnel Model, with stringent screening of ideas at every stage. We spend enough time in understanding the requirements, demands and pain-points of our customers and the industries we cater to.

The carefully selected projects go through a series of development stages, before the molecules are launched in the market. Our team of competent scientistsandtechnicians has developed a deep understanding of the chemistry and chemical pathways of ethylene oxide and its derivatives.

We strongly believe in the power of chemistry and innovation. With many innovative products in our portfolio, our focus is on developing products that not only comply with the norms set by the regulatory bodies but also improve productivity and profitability for our customers.

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