Fabkem products play a vital role in various unit operations in the manufacturing of chemicals for a variety of purposes. Our tailor-made products are formulated with utmost attention to purity levels and specific molar requirements.

MSDS – Alkyl phenol ethoxylates (Nonyl phenol ethoxylates of varied molar ratios), Butyl carbitol (Decar Butyl), Butyl cellosolve (Decel Butyl), Castor oil ethoxylates, Triethanolamine, Decarcarbitol, Decarcellosolve, Decelphenoxy, Fatty acid ethoxylates, Polyethyleneglycol range

Our Chemicals Products

Petroleum/Oil and gas

Fabkem has a wide array of products for oil and gas industry for treatment of natural gas, fracturing fluids, drilling stabilizers and dispersants for oil slick.


Fabkem products are trusted by many renowned companies in the agrichemicals industry.

Household and industrial cleaning

Fabkem has a complete range of products that perform various roles in the making of household and industrial cleaning products.

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