Autombile industry is the world’s largest economic sector by revenue and is governed by stringent norms of safety and pollution control. With modern vehicle manufacturer putting stress on finer details like seating, braking systems, noise and vibration controls, we are proud to say that we have a range of products surpassing the internationals compliance norms.

Glycol ether based brake fluids by Fabkemmake an excellent choice as brake fluids and coolants for automobiles. Formulations tailored to your specific requirements ensure complete satisfaction and an overall product excellence.

Our Automobile Products

Brake fluids

Our brake fluids comply with the highest standards defined by global organizations like Department of Transport (DOT), USAand Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).


Only adding water to the radiator is not sufficient for to prevent overheating the engine.

Brake fluid test kit

Brake fluid lubricates the brake system, prevents rusting and corrosion and ensures stopping power.

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